Teen suicide is definitely preventable!!!These emotions and actions of teens wanting to kill themselves are unhealthy thoughts that disappoint them in a long run. Due to this we can take pledge to inspire and motivate teens that there is always a purpose in life. It is considered that if anyone is thinking of taking away their life, it’s important that you tell somebody. In the case of a teen, the victim of thoughts of suicide should contact a trusted adult right away. If a friend or loved is thinking of suicide or wanting suicide, tell them that you care by telling them to seek help.

Way for suicide prevention

Talk with trusted people in your community, or make an appointment with a behavioral specialist to discuss possible options for your friend to become himself again! If your doctor recommends medicine, make sure to follow doctor’s instructions on how often to intake the medicine, and stick with those instructions unless the doctor makes changes. Don’t let thoughts of suicide take over, take action, show who is the boss! The ACT model is a model that can help save a life from this horrible mental state!

See info about Kim R Grimes, an expert in teen suicide prevention from Newport News Virginia. She’s a Change Agent, a Transformational Life Coach & Life-Changing Speaker for Teens & Young Adults. Find out more about Kim at http://www.kimrgrimes.com and check Kim’s Teen Suicide Prevention blogs at http://www.worldchangingteens.com


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