We’ve never suffered from depression, but I wonder if this is how he or she might have felt:

Everyday is a constant struggle just to stay alive, nothing makes you happy, tired of trying to be happy, can’t imagine this dull pain inside your heart forever…with the hopelessness.

Teen Depression and suicide prevention consultant

The feeling that you are all alone even though you know you have people who dearly love you.

If this is what depression is… I can’t even imagine living like this everyday…

Here is the website to get hooked up with others that may know what you are going through: http://www.worldchangingteens.com

See info about Kim R Grimes, an expert in teen suicide prevention from Newport News Virginia. She’s a Change Agent, a Transformational Life Coach & Life-Changing Speaker for Teens & Young Adults. Find out more about Kim at http://www.kimrgrimes.com and check Kim’s Teen Suicide Prevention blogs at www.worldchangingteens.com


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